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book covYoung Shannon finds it’s necessary to her sanity to get away from her manipulative family. Waiting the grueling six years until she turns eighteen, Shannon walks away without a backward glance, landing in a place where she hopes to find the peace and solitude she has longed for. Step by step, everything just wants to fall into place. She lives in a wonderful home, allows herself to be friends with three people that appear at her doorstep, and just revels in the daily routine of going to school and all that entails. Shannon surprises herself by sharing her home with these women, but comes to realize that maybe, something else is playing out it’s hand here. Things that can’t be explained are happening, coincidence finding it’s way into their everyday lives. Still, Shannon is happy at the life she is building with these people, and doesn’t want it to end.
The past doesn’t want to stay behind, and finds it’s way back to Shannon, trying to take over. It is then, during her darkest hours that she finds the strength to retrieve what she left behind, realizing that family doesn’t always have to be what you were born with, family can be one you make.

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